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Help families save ON, not just FOR college costs!

The average four-year cost for an in-state university is $96,000 and $188,000 for a private college! No wonder that, according to a recent Gallup Survey, 73% of parents with children under the age of 18 worry about college funding more than any other financial matter! With absurdly high and ever-increasing college costs and average graduation rates of almost six years per child, parents - irrespective of their income - desperately need advice from their financial advisor that can help them save ON and not just FOR the cost of college!

Collegiate Funding Solutions' college-planning software, API, integration partners, subject-matter experts, college admissions and financial aid services, educational resources and marketing material equip financial advisors and financial services organization to meet this rapidly-growing need amoung Gen Xers and Baby Boomers and grow their business and revenue in the process. If you can't help these families, who will? Another advisor?

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CFS & MoneyGuidePro are integration partners

With this integration between the leading financial planning (MoneyGuidePro) and college planning (CFS) software, MoneyGuidePro users can now quickly, easily and cost-effectively tap the expertise of CFS to help clients save ON and not just FOR college costs, deepen client relationships and identify new opportunities to grow their business. Huge value-add for MGP users!

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College Advice Tool

The new college advice tool yields vitally important information that can help clients make better-informed college selection and planning decisions that may substantially reduce their out-of-pocket college costs and IMPROVE their retirement savings outlook. Help clients keep more of their assets intact, growing, and available for retirement!

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10 reasons why CFS' comprehensive college planning software is the right choice for your business

Everything at CFS is directed by our mission - to help families save ON and not just FOR college costs with the help of their financial advisor/institution.

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