If you could consistently find, engage and acquire new college-planning clients (parents of college-bound children) in your community and across the country, how much would your business, revenue and success increase?

  Introducing, Collegiate Funding Solutions' Client-Attraction Program

The cornerstone of the program is a highly rated educational webinar for parents of college-bound children hosted and delivered by CFS and sponsored by you. The educational webinar will yield new clients for you and not just college planning clients, but financial planning and retirement planning clients too!

With this collaborative approach, CFS hosts and delivers a great educational webinar and you get all the credit and new clients!

 How it all comes together:

After you register to participate and schedule your webinar, you'll receive a unique link to the webinar information and registration page that will track all your registrations. Every registration will generate a lead for you with the prospect's contact information.

  See an example of an advisor's unique webinar registration page

  CFS will share with you over a dozen practical, simple, cheap and proven ways to drive registrations through your business, your community and nationally.

We'll educate, inform and motivate your webinar attendees to schedule a meeting with you to learn how you can help them apply the information from the webinar to their own personal situation to achieve a great outcome for their student and their finances!

  You can use a proven CFS presentation during your meeting to convert motivated prospects to revenue-generating clients.

Since you'll receive the contact information for all your webinar registrants, you can connect with them before and after the webinar in whatever way suits you.

Now, you have an easily repeatable way to acquire very targeted prospects (parents of college-bound children) that have two essential qualities of a great financial planning prospect: 1) A non-negotiable deadline - unlike retirement that can be postponed and 2) An emotional motivator - they don't just NEED help, they WANT it!

It's just that simple, easy and turnkey for you.

Moreover, you'll only pay a nominal flat fee to for each webinar you schedule/sponsor -- irrespective of the number of prospects/clients it yields.

The result for you? GROW and SUSTAIN your college and financial planning business with fresh, new and targeted prospects/clients at a FRACTION of the time, money and effort of conventional and antiquated methods!

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  How CFS' On-Demand Webinars Work

With CFS' On-Demand feature, you can sponsor and schedule a CFS-hosted webinar whenever you want, as often as you want!

Once you've scheduled the webinar, you'll receive a unique link to your webinar registration page, and you can start promoting the webinar. Prospects will register through your unique page and every registration yields a lead for you. The On-Demand webinar will actually be a pre-recorded (simulated live) version of the webinar you select. The webinar registration process and attendee experience is exactly the same as with a live webinar.

Here are three compelling benefits to the On-Demand webinars:

  1. You can scheduled an On-Demand webinar whenever you want.
  2. You can schedule the webinar as often as you want. For example, you may want to schedule the same webinar topic quarterly in order to generate consistent leads over time.
  3. If a prospect is unable to atttend the webinar at the scheduled time, no problem. By registering, they'll receive an email after the webinar with a link to the recording. Surveys reveal tht many people prefer to watch a recorded webinar at their convenience. You'll receive the lead either way!

Our On-Demand feature is ideally suited for NEW CFS clients that want to create immediate momentum and growth in their college-planning business for a nominal cost and tremendous ROI.

Below are details on our current On-Demand webinars! We'll be adding more over time.

  Available Webinars


  •  Grow your business/income with new clients at a FRACTION of the time, cost and effort of alternative options

  •  Create goodwill by providing access to top quality educational content on hot college planning topics

  •  Prospect for new clients with less time, money and effort

  •  Deliver new value to exising clients and deepen relationships

  •  Convert highly motivated prospects (Gen X and Gen Y parents with college-bound children) to clients

  •  Receive more referrals

  •  Generate very-targeted leads and requests for appointments

  •  Stand out from other advisors

To participate:

  1. If you are already a CFS client, with an active software subscription, your discounted fee to participate will be $349. In order to receive the discounted fee, click here to login to your CFS dashboard to validate your subscription status. Once your subscription is validated by successfully logging into your account, you'll be automatically redirected back to this page and will pay the dicounted fee
  2. If you aren't yet a CFS client now is the perfect time to do so. After subscribing, you can reaccess this page, complete step #1 to register with the discounted fee.Visit CFS' subscription page for subscription options and to get started.
  3. If you're not ready to be a CFS client but still want to register and participate, your fee will be be $549. Just complete the registration and payment form below
  4. You'll receive an email from CFS with YOUR unique link to the webinar information/signup page. You'll share this webpage url with all your prospects.
  5. After the webinar, in addition to encouraging attendees to follow up with the advisor that invited them, CFS will send you a list of all the webinar registrants and attendees that used your unique registration link.

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