Today, college four-year sticker prices can easily exceed $250,000! There are two different prices for a college education - one for the informed buyer and one for the uninformed. Which price will you pay?

James G Mezzetti

James G Mezzetti

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Myles Wealth Mgt can help you save ON, not just for the cost of college, avoid crushing student loan debt and improve your retirement savings outlook by:

  •   Revealing to you strategies for reducing your out-of-pocket college costs at selected schools - regardless of your finances

  •   Advising you on how to become eligible for more financial aid, grants and tuition discounts for college

  •   Helping you determine which college savings option is best suited for you and suggest effective strategies for funding any shortfalls

  •   Informing you about school-based merit scholarships that your student is eligible for and the requirements to obtain this FREE money

  •   Providing you with the information you'll need to be an informed buyer of a college education, in order to send your student to the right college, for the right reasons and at the right price!

  •   SCHEDULE your free consultation now!

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scholarships Scholarship Finder

School-based merit scholarships are the number one source of potential free money for a family and one of the best ways a family can reduce the cost of a college education.

Use our exclusive scholarship finder to learn:

  1. Exactly what school-based scholarships the student  qualifies for - even if they are not at the top of their class
  2. The requirements associated with each scholarship in order to obtain them
  3. Additional scholarships available to the student with only a modest increase in test scores
Many families miss out on thousands of dollars of scholarship money because they don't know what's available to them at colleges across the country and exactly what the requirements are to obtain them. This exclusive scholarship finder solves that problem!

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