Helping Families Through the Minefield Of College Admissions and Financial Aid

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To fullfill our mission of helping your clients save ON and not just FOR the cost of a college education and so that you can be the one-stop-shop for college planning services, CFS offers a premier college admissions and financial aid service. These additional services complement the college-financial planning capability you'll have via CFS' college-planning software and access to subject-matter experts. These "white glove" services help to ensure a good outcome for the family: the right college for the student, savings on out-of-pocket college costs, improved retirement savings outlook and avoidance of unneccessary student loan debt. These two service are paid for separately by families that want them. Contact CFS for additional information and current pricing.

  Want to conserve more assets under your management so they can continue to grow and be available for your clients retirement? These two services will help you accomplish that goal!

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Your College List service that helps you build a list of candidate schools


The college list is the single most important factor in helping families save ON and not just for the cost of a college education. Building the right list of candidate schools is the essential first step for families that are in this stage of the timeline (junior and early senior year of high school). Your College List will yield the right list of candidate schools for your clients. Using the list of candidate schools from Your College List, the college planning software, supplemented by CFS’ subject-matter experts as needed, is used to help the family identify ways to reduce their out-of-pocket college costs at schools on their candidate list.


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FAFSAssist is your personal financial aid coach


The final step in the college-planning process is the completion of the requisite financial aid forms. All parents - irrespective of their financial situation and ability to pay for college - should completete the financial aid forms. This video explains the little-known reasons why and how FAFSAssist can ensure that this vitally important piece of the college-planning puzzle is successfully completed by your clients.




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