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Help clients save on college costs, avoid student loan debt and improve retirement savings outlook!

With 4-year public university and private college costs now ranging between $100,000 and $320,00, it is no wonder that, according to a Gallup Survey, 73% of parents with children under the age of 18 worry about college funding more than any other financial matter! How are families going to afford college for multiple children and save for retirement at the same time? With absurdly high and ever-increasing college costs and average graduation rates of almost six years per child, parents - irrespective of their income - desperately need advice from their financial advisor that can help them save ON and not just FOR the cost of college, avoid suffocating student loan debt and improve their retirement savings outlook in the process!

Collegiate Funding Solutions':

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Equip you to help parents send their children to the right college, for the right reasons and at the right price and grow your business/revenue in the process. If you can't help these parents with their #1 financial need, who will? Another advisor?

  • With 15 years of experience and thousands of clients for whom we’ve served I can say that CFS’ combination of five star college financial planning software, subject matter experts and support are GREAT! They are very valued partner in the success we’ve been able to achieve over the years. Their relentless innovation is amazing. True pioneers with respect to college financial planning software.

    Jack Schacht, Founder My College Planning Team
  • CFS provides the most comprehensive set of tools for gathering new clients that I have found in the college planning industry. Also, fast and personal customer service to answer questions and provide marketing advice. Well done, CFS!

    Michael Berlau - Creative College Consultants
  • I really like the tools that you have created that will further help our clients. It is great to have something as comprehensive and tangible to help them with.

    Chuck Prudhomme CFP®
  • I am so happy with your software!

    Thomas Robarge AIF®, RICP®
  • Thank you for your excellent service and gold standard offerings.

    Tom & Maria Geffers, Career & College Counselors
  • I've been a client of CFS for over 2 years now and I am so grateful for this software! If you're looking to work within the college space you cannot afford to not use CFS' proprietary software and resources. This is a non negotiable if you're looking to deliver one-of-a-kind value to your clients. The best part about CFS is the second-to-none service they provide. If you have a question or a unique request they go the extra mile to accommodate. I love great service and that is what CFS delivers! I highly recommend working with CFS.

    Joshua Smith
  • The CFS software has become an important tool in our process and helps us create the specialized solutions families are looking for. We utilize the system to add efficiency to our practice, allowing us to help more families while continuing to deliver high quality college planning solutions.

    Andrew Hipple - CFP®
  • We presented a college plan this morning, created using your standard software, to an attendee from a seminar we did. We offered free plans to the attendees but this prospect asked to pay becuase they were so impressed and grateful for the value of the information we provided! Never had that happen before!

    Cale Olbert - CFP®
  • CFS' updated college-planning reports have taken CFS' software to a whole new level! Frankly, I'm blown away by the improvements and CFS had made life easier for me and my team!

    Jack Schacht, Founder - My College Planning Team
  • CFS reports has allowed us to show our clients an in depth analysis of individual colleges based on the family's specific financial portfolio. Even beyond the EFC calculation and potential ways to bring that number down, looking at each college's "average need met" as a way to compare those colleges that are more generous. Digging in deeper, how does that "need met" manifest itself in the scholarships, gift aid, or self help opportunities? This is provided as well in the new reports, complete with graphs and specific breakdowns that show clients the specificity with which we analyze their situations.

    David DeCarli - Advanced College Planning
  • I’m just completing a fee-based plan focused solely/only on college planning for a long-time client. I charged them $1,200 to do the plan which more than pays for a year subscription for your service and the client said it surpassed all of their expectations.
    Talk about a powerful conversation!

    John Klich - Wealth Management Advisor
  • This is just a quick note to let you know we find the responsiveness and knowledge provided by Collegiate Funding Solutions to be outstanding. It is rare these days to work with an organization that picks up the phone as often as CFS does, or calls back as quickly. Their information is always spot on, and in the rare case the person I call doesn’t have the answer, they get right back to us. CFS is a very important resource to us and I thought you might appreciate the feedback.

    Lisa Lettieri, MBA CLTC
  • After 10 years of college planning, I can honestly say Collegiate Funding Solutions continues to lead the pack in terms of innovative solutions, great marketing materials and a client-focused approach that makes my life as a college planner so much easier! Bravo!

    Beth Walker - College Funding Coaches
  • "I intend to upgrade my subscription soon. Thank you for the offer of a demo, but I don't need one. If CFS is selling it I know it's awesome!"

    Richard Ladson

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