Completion of the data form below is the all-important first step in enabling The College Money Guys to help you put a plan in place that will result in you saving on and not just for college costs

Consider having the following available to reference while completing the dataform:

  •    Tax Returns
  •    W2 Forms
  •    Financal Records

Simple steps to solving your college funding concerns

  •    Schedule your appointment with The College Money Guys.
  •    Complete the data form. Complete it now or  download a hardcopy and submit it later.
  •    After submitting the form, you'll see the answers to some vitally important questions related to your particular situation.
  •    During our meeting, we'll present and discuss a gameplan that will help you in your efforts to save ON and not just for college costs!

Important notes before completing the dataform:
  1.  Your privacy is of paramount importance to us; therefore, we have taken deliberate steps to safeguard. The data form does not require you to enter any personally identifying information such as name, email address, phone number, etc. The data gathered is only used to generate your college planning report.
  2. Sections marked red contain required fields - highlighted blue - that must be completed in order to submit the data form.
  3. The more detail and accuracy you provide in the data form, the more accurate, comprehensive and valuable our college-planning service will be. Therefore, it's well worth answering all the relevant questions in the data form.
  4. The form requests data for only one student. If you have other college-bound children you can resubmit the data form with the appropriate changes for each additional college-bound child. Each child will yield a unique gameplan based form responses.
  5. Help icons: are included in the form to provide additional information.

Student Information

Tell us about your family

Note for divorced parents - In the sections that follow, if the parents of the student are divorced and remarried, include information for the custodial parent (The custodial parent is the parent with whom the child lived the most during the past 12 months - even if parents have joint custody) and the step-parent. If the parents are not remarried, only include information for custodial parent.

Now, please tell us about you family income

Note - If your student is a senior in high school in 2017/2018, income information from your 2016 tax return will be used to determine your financial aid eligibility for their freshman year in college.

ParentSpouseIRS 1040 line number
line 7
line 12+18
line 37
line 56

Special income/loss questions

Tell us about your other taxable income

  Parent & Spouse IRS 1040
line 8a line 9a line 21 line 10 line 11 line 13 (use - sign to enter loss) line 15b line 16b
line 17 (use - sign to enter loss)

Tell us abour your tax-deferred or untaxed income

Sum each of the following amounts that apply to your situation and enter the total above:

  • Payments to Tax-Deferred Pensions and Savings Plans:
  • Deductions for Qualified Retirement Plans:
  • Child Support Received:
  • Tax Exempt Interest Income
  • Foreign Income Exclusion
  • Untaxed Portions of IRA Distributions:
  • Untaxed Portions of Pensions:
  • Credit for Federal Tax on Special Fuels
  • Housing, Food, and Other Living Allowances:
  • Other Untaxed Income and Benefits:
  • Cash Received:

Important note - tax deductible contributions to qualified retirement plans will be added back into income for calculating Expected Family Contribution

In this section are questions concerning the parents' assets

Note - In this next section you will be asked for the value of assets. Depending on your responses, you will also be asked: "Dollar amount allocated for college for student in question?" This refers to the student described in the Student Information section at the begining of the form. Some assets that are allocated for college may be intended for more than one child. Therefore, when asked "Dollar amount allocated for college for student in question?", only include the amount that is available for the student for whom the report is being generated.

Now, a few questions about retirement accounts

Retirement Accounts
(Exclude assets already listed)
Parent Spouse
Traditional IRA Balance
Amount contributed last year:
Simple IRA
Roth IRA
Amount contributed last year:
Company Retirement Account Balance
Are you contributing the max amount?
Stock Purchase / Incentive

Tell us about your real estate holdings

Tell us about your insurance and medical situation

Parent Section
Death Benefit Cash Value Type
Spouse Section
Death Benefit Cash Value Type

Please tell us if you own a business or a farm

Here are some important college savings and funding questions

Almost done! Tell us about the student's income

Please tell us about the student's assets

Finally - select a college

Enter the location of the school you would like to evaluate.