Here's how we are going to help you save ON and not just FOR college costs - regardless of your income level:

It starts with a correct diagnosis of your situation. Just as a physician asks a patient questions in order to formulate a diagnosis and prescribe a remedy, your responses to the online data form will help Scott Kessler to diagnose your situation.

Based on your particular circumstances as described using the online fact finder, we'll develop a customized action plan for you to help you make well-informed short- and long-term college planning, admissions and funding decisions at each of the many decision points that you'll be faced with before your child goes to college.

This is how you plan for the best overall outcome and potentially save ON, not just for the cost of college!

Will we have to pay the school’s sticker price? Which other savings options may be better, in light of our circumstances?
Which schools are the best fit for my child –
academically, socially, learning style, etc.?
Will we qualify for tax credits? Which ones?
Which schools want my child to attend and would attract them with financial inducements? How can we leverage our business to reduce college costs?
Are we candidates for financial aid? Would test prep benefit our child?
How much financial aid could we expect? Which schools should we apply to maximize financial aid or tuition discounts?
How much in scholarships/grants? Can we maintain or possibly increase retirement contributions during the college years?
Can we increase our financial aid eligibility? How can we maintain or increase cash flow during the college years?
What merit scholarships does our child qualify for and what are the requirements? What are the appropriate funding strategies for covering any shortfalls?
How can we increase the likelihood for tuition discounts? Which savings options are best in light of our circumstances?
How do we negotiate a better financial aid award? Should we set up a UGMA?
What are the mistakes to avoid that may significantly drive up college costs? Should we pay college with after-tax income in light of other options?
What is the proper funding role for the grandparents? And many more!
Are 529 College Savings Plans the right choice?  

You should expect more than simplistic, one-size-fits-all savings strategies from a financial advisor. With our firm, you can expect more and we'll deliver more!