Welcome to John E. Sestina and Company, a fee-only financial planning firm headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Why should you trust your finances and college-planning needs to us? Because we’ve been helping clients manage to be wealthy for over 45 years. What makes us different from other financial planners? We are experienced. Since 1965 we’ve been helping advisors make the transition to fee-only planning. We are proactive. We have planners who are dedicated to you and will collaborate with you along the way. We are comprehensive. Financial planning isn't just investing, we develop plans that are specific to your needs – from new college graduates to high-net individuals. Financial planning is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. The financial advisors at John E. Sestina and Company can coach you to help you reach the finish line. We look forward to helping you with your college-planning needs

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With the average four-year cost of college EXCEEDING $100,000 for one child, like most parents, you're probably very concerned about paying for college.

At the same time, you are even more concerned about saving for your retirement.

Will you need to sacrifice your retirement in order to help educate your children?

Whether your income is $80,000 or $800,000, our college-planning expertise is intended to help you in the following ways:

  • save on your out-of-pocket college costs
  • save untold hours of research and effort attempting to become an expert in college planning and funding
  • prepare and pay for college effectively and efficiently, without incurring suffocating debt or "robbing" your retirement accounts
  • learn ways to increase your retirement contributions during the college years
  • send your child to the college of your choice - not just the least expensive one.

Read on to learn how John E. Sestina and Company can make a difference for you - starting today - including how you can receive a quick diagnosis of your situation.