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Like effective tax planning, education funding strategies must be implemented prior to starting the financial aid process. Families who begin their college planning early have the best chance of positioning themselves for more financial aid.



Scott Kessler is a leader in providing college planning and funding solutions. His goal is to assist parents of college-bound children to solve their college funding dilemma.

Scott welcomes the opportunity to meet with you individually or speak at your club or association meetings. His extensive public speaking resume includes appearances on television and numerous presentations at high schools and colleges.

To reach Scott, please call 678-456-4227 or at

Working together with Scott, he may help you in the following ways:

  • Lower your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and maximize eligibility for financial aid
  • See a snapshot of your current college funding situation and how much it could improve by utilizing financial aid strategies
  • Learn how your child might be able to attend an expensive private college - for less than the cost of a state school
  • Save on your out-of-pocket college costs
  • Save untold hours of research and effort attempting to become an expert in college planning and funding

With the average four-year cost of college EXCEEDING $100,000 for one child, it is imperative to implement the appropriate strategies to fund college expenses without the need to sacrifice your retirement in order to educate your children.

College planning is NOT just saving FOR college, its saving ON the cost of college.

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