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Collegiate Funding Solutions (CFS) is a leading provider of innovative and integrated web-based college planning and funding solutions and college planning software for the financial services industry and financial services professionals.

Markets Served

CFS' clients include financial services professionals, professional advisory firms, credit unions and banks.

Financial Planning Software Vendor View

"The unique capabilities CFS have make them the most comprehensive provider of college financial planning services and a great addition for Money Tree's community of professional advisors. The detailed college planning results CFS offers fills a void in most advisor's capability, so their system is logical complement to ours.""

Mark Snodgrass
President - Money Tree Software

Financial Services Professional View

"Working with Collegiate Funding Solutions has completely changed my advisory business. Now that I am known as the local expert on a high demand topic, I am more memorable to prospects and more referable by centers of influence.

My business is growing because I always lead with college planning which is leading to many more first appointments. However, once the prospects realize how much saving on college can help them pursue their other financial goals they usually want to become a comprehensive client."

Josh Wolberg CFP®, MBA
Strategic Financial

"Your software is light years ahead of anything else we have seen."

Joseph S. Messinger, CCPS, ChFC, CLU
President - Capstone Wealth Partners, LTD

Financial Institution View

"With our emphasis on youth (five school branches and three additional school partnerships), partnering with Collegiate Funding Solutions was a slam-dunk. The program provides our members and potential members with a valuable service - planning for college funding - for a very affordable price. It is just as applicable for someone with pre-school children as it is for those whose kids are getting ready to go to college. This program enhances our financial planning and lending services by directing members to discuss their options with us.. We're excited about this partnership and it's potential for the future."

Jacqueline Connor
VP - Marketing and Business Development
Belvoir Federal Credit Union

“Ultimately, both of our organizations are focused squarely on helping credit unions deliver value to college students and families,” said Mike Weber, VP of Marketing for Credit Union Student Choice. “This partnership is another way to enhance each of our programs for the benefit of credit unions and consumers.”

Mike Weber
VP - Marketing
Credit Union Student Choice

"The CFS program is an excellent complement to our current suite of products and services and will help us better serve our financial institution clients and their customers."

Damien Elias
Chairman and CEO


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