The prospecting system is now part of the Premium license option!

Vist the license page to learn more about the Premium license option. The Premium license helps you position college planning as a strategic part of your service offerings. Supports a robust and versatile marketing strategy and generates leads for college planning services. The Premium license combines CFS' industry-leading college-planning software with your own college planning website that will help you grow your college planning business! Learn more >

One of the main reasons financial services professionals don’t succeed with college planning is due to the lack of effective prospecting. Most third part lead generation programs:

  • Don't work
  • Are prohibitively expensive - Not only to get started ($2,500+) but for ongoing marketing. They often require significant marketing costs such as direct mail, telemarketing, etc.
  • Are complicated to implement and labor intensive
  • Aren’t versatile – Based on one or only a couple of marketing channels (for example: direct mail, seminar marketing, etc.)
  • Don't project a professional image

What is needed is a practical and effective college-planning prospecting system that overcomes these weakness and appeals to all financial services professionals including RIAs, CFPs, CPAs, insurance professionals, etc.

The Solution: CFS' Premium License Option

ralph A very popular feature of the Premium license option is the engaging, hope inspiring and effective two-minute video titled:

“A Lesson in Paying For College.”

Watch Video

Watch the Video

To learn about the Premium license option
  1. Review Benefits
  2. Watch Video Overview
  3. Review Features

1. Review Benefits

  1. Yields college-planning prospects for your business at at an affordable cost
  2. Simple to implement
  3. Projects you as a college planning expert in your locale
  4. Suitable for all financial services professionals
  5. Versatile and compatible with a wide variety of marketing methods: web-based (SEO, SEM, social media, LinkedIn) as well as direct mail, print advertising, personal prospecting, etc).
If you want to attract MORE qualified college planning prospects into your business, CFS' Premium license option can help!

STEP 2. Watch Video

Watch a 7 minute video and see how it all comes together in a compelling package!

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Watch the Video


STEP 3. Review Features

With the Premium license option you have the premier college financial planning capability AND the means to attract new prospects into your business!

Premium License Features
Branded college-planning website
Video: “A Lesson in Paying for College”
Banded report download for prospects - "Secrets to Reducing College Costs"
School-based merit scholarship finder and lead generator
Supports domain name forwarding - extend your brand to college planning
CFS-provided direct mail postcard mockup with marketing message.
Upon-request reports to help you monitor and evaluate marketing campaigns
Social media options integrated into site (Facebook, Twitter)