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Educational Webinar For Parents

Join us for an educational webinar hosted by Collegiate Funding Solutions

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Sending Your Child to College for Pennies on the Dollar

Date: 10/27: East Coast (7:00pm)

Date: 10/27: West Coast (7:00pm)

Webinar Title: Sending Your Child to College for Pennies on the Dollar


Dear Parent,

Do you have a college-bound high school student?  Do you realize that college costs aren't going down...only up?

If you're motivated to pay the least amount of money possible to any college, now is the perfect time to give yourself and your student a way to make that possible.

Join Collegiate Funding Solutions for a 45-minute educational webinar/Q and A on Tuesday, October 27 at 7:00pm ET or 7:00pm PT

From the comfort of your home, you'll learn:

  •    HOW to get discounts from high priced colleges

  •    HOW expensive private schools can cost you the same or less than state universities

  •    TEN MISTAKES parents make that cost them money in lost financial aid and tuition discounts

  •    WHY EVERY FAMILY - irrespective of their financial situation - MUST file the FAFSA, no exceptions!

  •   NAVIGATING the college admissions and financial aid process in a post-Covid 19 landscape

Armed with the expert information and strategies that you'll learn from a college admissions and financial aid expert you'll be empowered to make more better informed choices, which may end up saving your signficant amounts of money on your out-of-pocket college costs.

Collegiate Funding Solutions' mission is help you send your child to the RIGHT college for the RIGHT reasons at the RIGHT price!

This free educational webinar is one way we can help you send your child to college without going broke in the process.

Feel free to share this invite with your friends that have college-bound high school students. They'll be grateful you did!

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