Helping families save ON, not just FOR the cost of college!



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College is expensive - period!
The average four-year cost for an in-state university is $96,000 and $188,000 for a private college! With absurdly high and ever-increasing college costs and average graduation rates of almost six years per child, parents - irrespective of their income - desperately need strategies and solutions from their financial advisor to help them save ON and not just FOR the cost of college!

Collegiate Funding Solutions' college-planning software, subject-matter experts, college admissions and financial aid services, educational resources and marketing material equip financial advisors to meet this rapidly-growing need. If you can't help these families, who will? Another advisor?

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CFS and Cumulus College Quest (CCQ) are collaborating to help you grow your business -
Cumulus College Quest offers a comprehensive web-based education and marketing training program for advisors who want to deepen their knowledge about college planning and grow their business with college planning services!
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Now available: A turn-key marketing program targeted to grandparents -
This marketing program will help you develop and maintain familial relationships and business through generations. College planning is the ideal way to accomplish that goal and CFS now equips you with the means!
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10 reasons why CFS' college planning software is the right choice
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NEXT WEBINAR: Wednesday, Feb. 18
A One-Of-A-Kind Collaboration

Join us for 30-minute webinar on Wednesday, February 18 at 4:00pm where we'll cover all the exciting details of CFS' new collaboration with Cumulus College Quest - why the two organizations are complementary and synergistic and how you can benefit from our collaboration to grow your business substantially with college planning services!

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